Author Bio



Ty Loyd-Calhoun was born in New Jersey and graduated from Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg FL. He would later earn his Degree from the same place  Wilma Rudolph and Oprah Winfrey graduated From, Tennessee State University. After settling down ,years of having children and soul searching  He developed The Merry Meerkats Go. He  cares about the future and realizes children are our future.  Due to problems with the new digital age and the old common parental settings not being a standard family, He feels it is important to reach and teach children before the world or environment does. He recognizes  the small things can leave a big impact on one’s life. And hopes that The Merry Meerkat Go series can be beneficial and bring Merriment to Children around the World!


Illustrator Bio

Cameron T. Wilson is an Independent Graphic Artist and Illustrator from Augusta, GA. He has developed several logos and branding identities for small business startups throughout Atlanta, GA. and Central Florida. Cameron is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the apparel company Soulsimplicity the brand.